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Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy is an emotionally and financially stressful period in anyone’s life. When every dollar counts, dealing with our complex legal system is the last thing you want to think about. Penner Law Firm, LLC, will take that worry away from you. We have experienced bankruptcy attorneys that will sit down and talk with you about your hopes and goals, seeking to understand if bankruptcy is the right option for you, and if so, how to approach filing for Chapter 7, 11, or 13 Bankruptcy Proceeding. Our bankruptcy attorneys study each case individually, because no two clients are ever the same.

While no one likes to think about bankruptcy, the filing of a bankruptcy action may give you immediate temporary relief from your debt and any pending collections or lawsuits, taking a big weight off your shoulders. Your attorney will then decide how to proceed with the case, filing on behalf of you or your business the type of action appropriate to your circumstance.

Contact an experienced and accomplished bankruptcy attorney at Penner Law Firm, LLC, to learn more about what we can offer.