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4 Tips for Staying Safe on the Roads During Winter Weather

It may feel like spring is just around the corner, but we have several more weeks of winter headed our way. These driving tips can help you avoid auto accidents and stay safe as winter winds down.

  1. Drive like your Driver's Ed instructor is watching. Remember when you first learned to drive, and you always checked your mirrors, used your signals, and stopped fully at intersections? Going back to the basics is the best way to stay safe on winter roads. Cautious, defensive driving can help you avoid collisions with everyone else out there.
  2. Leave plenty of stopping distance. It can be tempting to drive closely behind someone that you think is going too slow, but in winter driving conditions that can be a recipe for an auto accident. It's best to practice patience.
  3. Don't use cruise control. For some of us, cruise control is second nature, but it is a hazard in winter conditions. If your car is set on cruise control and you begin to hydroplane in wet or icy conditions, then the car may try to accelerate. It is just attempting to maintain a constant speed, but it will cause you to lose control of the vehicle.
  4. Stay off the roads if you can. When it's icy out, don't go for that extra trip to the grocery store or the mall. Avoid non-essential trips that will put you in danger for no good reason.

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