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Accident-ready Connecticut drivers heed disaster preparedness experts

: It was fortunate that no lives were lost during a recent Sunday evening car vs. motorcycle accident on I-95 South through Connecticut. But the hours of snarled traffic that resulted from the incident should serve as a prudent reminder to our attorneys and clients about properly stocking your car for the unexpected.

Our cars represent freedom and convenience. So it can be easy to overlook using them to store basic emergency preparedness kits.

But safety experts often endorse the car as a perfect place for such supplies as people are rarely separated from their vehicles, and because unsafe road conditions could require taking longer, unfamiliar routes to reach your destination.

Just in case of an accident or emergency, here are five things that emergency preparedness experts say should be stored inside every car:

1. Food: A traffic jam might mean missing a meal. But catastrophic emergencies such as extreme winter storms have caused people to be trapped in their cars for days. So experts suggest keeping at least 2-3 days worth of non-perishable food in your car.

2. Water: Drivers also should keep 2-3 days worth of fresh drinking water in their car. This also will come in handy should the vehicle overheat. If you do much driving in rural areas, water purification tablets are also recommended.

3. Lights: Drivers are just as likely to be stranded at night as they are during daylight. At the very least, keep a flashlight in the car. In an emergency, you will also be glad to have some light sticks or safety flares.

4. Shelter supplies: A thermal blanket will feel like paradise if you are stuck in your car overnight or need to leave it after dark to find help.

5. Basic First Aid: Simply being able to clean a wound or stabilize bleeding could be a life-saver after an accident.

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