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Summer Is Finally Here!

It’s the first day of summer – time for rest, relaxation, and creative recreation. Looking to express yourself this summer in a way that pays off both personally and financially? Here are some great affordable summer projects that can help increase curb appeal and your home value:

  • Revamp Your Driveway
    Give your driveway an extreme makeover by resurfacing or installing border along the driveway. Adding materials such as bricks, pavers and stone to the border can bring the boring look of asphalt to life, with added color and texture.
  • Install Lights Along the Sidewalk
    Adding lights that lead to your entryway make your guests feel welcome while also keeping them safe. Installing solar lights or soft exterior lighting will create a more inviting and friendly feeling for your home while accentuating your landscaping and other features.
  • Upgrade the Hardware
    Simple changes to the outside of your home can go a long way. Even the most subtle changes, such as replacing light fixtures, changing outdated locks, or installing decorative house numbers to your front door can enhance the overall look of your home.
  • Replace the Mailbox
    No one wants to have an eye-sore at the end of their driveway. If you have a weathered box sitting atop a rusty, leaning post, it is time for a mailbox makeover. Give your mailbox a little personality by having it sit atop a sturdy post or even a brick or stone column. This can leave an immediate impression on someone who is coming to visit your home.
  • Cut Back Trees and Bushes
    Trees, branches, and shrubs can obscure the view of your home and make it seem very dark and uninviting. Trim back the trees and bushes to accentuate your home instead of covering it up.
  • Cover Up Dead Spots
    Large trees can be seen as a problem to homeowners because they provide too much shade, can kill the surrounding grass dying due to lack of nutrients and unsightly dead spots throughout the lawn. There is an easy fix to this. Plant flowers that can live in the shade around the base of the tree, or apply a layer of mulch around the base to cover up the dead spots.
  • Green Up the Lawn
    Keeping your lawn looking clean cut will increase curb appeal. Mowing and edging your lawn will help make your home look clean and beautiful from the outside. When needed, reseed the bare spots throughout your lawn.
  • Add Color to the Planting Beds
    hen adding color to the gardens, make sure the color choices match with your home’s architecture. If you are unsure what plants are appropriate for your home, contact your local nursery for tips and ideas.
  • Plant a Tree
    Not only will planting a tree help cut energy costs in the summer, but it will also increase home value. To find out what trees are best to plant in your specific area, and the benefits of each, use the National Tree Benefit calculator.

    We hope these projects will help make your home even more beautiful and valuable.