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Buyer Boot Camp

Penner Law Firm's dedication to our clients does not stop with our high level of service. We also work to educate our clients on the homebuying process. Over the past few months, we have developed our groundbreaking Buyer Boot Camp presentation. This presentation covers all facets of the homebuying process from start to finish, and helps educate the client on what they can expect and what to look out for during the homebuying process. We send this presentation in PDF format to all Penner Law Firm clients, and are more than happy to answer any questions clients may have about the process or presentation.

The revolutionary Buyer Boot Camp presentation is not limited to clients. Penner Law Firm also gives Buyer Boot Camp presentations in person at real estate agent offices. These presentations typically last about one hour, and come with additional hand-outs and informative material to help the client gain an even deeper grasp of the homebuying process.

Contact your local real estate agent to see if Penner Law Firm's Buyer Boot Camp is given at that office! To learn more about Penner Law Firm's Buyer Boot Camp presentations, call (203) 878-1254 or email

If you are a real estate agent, and would like an experienced Penner Law Firm real estate attorney in Connecticut to present the Buyer Boot Camp at your real estate office, please email