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Commercial Real Estate

Penner Law Firm provides assistance to clients with the purchase, sale, and leasing of commercial real estate. Commercial real estate transactions involve complex documents which are often the product of a significant amount of negotiation between the parties to the contract. Land use, zoning laws and environmental issues must be thoroughly reviewed, considered, and taken into account before drafting or signing any legal documents.

The experienced real estate attorneys at Penner Law Firm always ensure that commercial real estate transactions are completed professionally and correctly the first time. We assist our clients throughout the entire real estate transaction, from drafting a letter of intent, to the modification of purchase agreements, and the preparation and review of leases.

Whether you are the bank or the borrower in the transaction, our attorneys have the real estate knowledge necessary to make sure that the purchase, sale, lease, or refinancing of your commercial property is conducted smoothly and efficiently.

Throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Georgia, and South Carolina, we offer a full-range of commercial real estate-related services including:

  • Commercial purchases, sales, and refinances
  • Title services, title examinations and opinions
  • Commercial lease negotiations
  • Review of land use and zoning regulations
  • Variances and rezoning
  • Easements
  • Commercial Closings
  • Commercial litigation

At Penner Law Firm we understand that the success of your commercial transaction often hinges on our attention and dedication to even the most minute of details. We know how important your transaction is to you and always treat it as if it were our own. Our goal is to achieve the client’s desired results while always ensuring that the client understands all of the relevant issues surrounding their transaction.

Customer service is our priority and a point of emphasis throughout our practice. At Penner Law Firm our commitment to excellence is evidenced in every matter we handle. Our personable attorneys keep all clients fully informed regarding the status of their commercial real estate transaction and do their best to remain as accessible as possible. Phone calls and other inquiries are a top priority and at all times responded to in a prompt fashion.

Contact an experienced commercial real estate attorney at Penner Law Firm today for a free initial consultation, and to learn more about the services Penner Law Firm can provide.

Penner Law Firm offers Commercial Real Estate Attorney services in the following states: