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Compliance Services

The mortgage lending industry is an ever-evolving environment with constantly changing rules and regulations that can be hard to keep up with.  At Penner Law Firm, our attorneys manage the impact these industry changes have on our clients and understand how important complying with these regulations on both a state and federal level are to your business.

Our attorneys assist clients in deciphering the complexities of new and challenging legislation as it is enacted and implemented.  Whether our clients have questions or require guidance, Penner Law Firm provides clients with both the knowledge and understanding of the law to allow them to understand their legal obligations and strategize to meet their compliance goals.  We are dedicated to assisting your company in maintaining compliance without slowing down operations.

Penner Law Firm’s Banking and Compliance Services Include:

  • Company Audits
  • State Licensing Assistance
  • Marketing Review
  • Repurchase Defense
  • State Audit Assistance
  • Policy Drafting and Implementation
  • CFPB Audit Preparation
  • Guidance Documents
  • Vetting of Settlement Service Providers
  • Post-Closing QC

As well as all other compliance services your company may require. Learn More.

At Penner Law Firm we understand that the success of your business closely ties to your ability to stay compliant with always changing regulations placed on the lending industry.  Our goal is to help you create a compliance program that runs effectively and efficiently as well as alleviate some of the pressure of these demanding regulations.  If you have compliance questions or concerns, please call 888-256-7316 and speak to one of our qualified compliance attorneys.