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Real Estate Closings

Purchasing, selling, or refinancing a home can be a daunting task for many people, especially given that it is often the largest financial transaction a person will make in their lifetime.  Using an experienced real estate attorney to represent you in the transaction will ensure that your investment is protected and all of your concerns addressed.  Some of the major responsibilities for an attorney in a real estate transaction include drafting and reviewing the terms of the contract, preparing the HUD-1 Settlement Statement and other necessary transfer documents, ensuring that all relevant laws are adhered to, verifying that the title on the property is clear, and making sure that no surprise obstacles get in the way of your closing. 

The Penner Law Firm team has handled thousands of Real Estate transactions over the past several years.  We have skilled attorneys that are licensed in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina.  Whether you are refinancing, buying your first home, selling your home, or purchasing a vacation property, no other firm is better suited to help you accomplish your goals. 

Here at Penner Law Firm, it is our goal to be as flexible as possible in order to accommodate our clients.  We understand that the rest of your life can’t be put on hold while you purchase your new home, so we strive to make things as convenient as possible so that you can focus on everything else.  Unlike most law firms, we are more than happy to meet our clients for closings and face to face meetings at the time and place of their choosing.  At Penner Law Firm, a real estate attorney or paralegal working on your file will always be available to talk if you have any questions.  We also provide our client’s with regular updates on the status of their transaction so that they know exactly where things stand at any given time. 

            In states where real estate transactions are handled by title companies rather than attorneys, we have partnered with our wholly-owned affiliate, Cross Country Title, LLC, to provide the same quality service that Penner law Firm is known for.  Please go to for contact information and more details on Cross Country Title.