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Defective Drug Lawyers

We trust medications to help treat issues as benign as mild aches and pains, and as serious as chronic disease. Many Americans suffer serious or even fatal injury every year while using medications that they believed to be safe. While some dangerous medications are subject to drug recalls, many are still widely available and continuing to harm people like you.

When you or a loved one sustain injury from a dangerous or defective drug, you may be entitled to significant compensation. A drug injury attorney will be able to assess you case, discuss your options, and help you determine if you have cause to file suit.

What Makes a Drug Defective

There are a number of things that can make a medication dangerous or defective. In many cases, new drugs are rushed onto the market without proper testing, essentially turning those who take it into the lab rats. In other instances, a drug that has traditionally been safe will become contaminated during manufacturing, making only certain batches defective. Drugs may be considered dangerous if they:

  • Lack proper usage instructions
  • Fail to warn of potential dangers
  • Are deceptively marketed

Determining if an injury was caused by a defective medication is no easy task. Your defective drug lawyer will need to work with a team of industry experts to investigate your injury and establish if some form of negligence has occurred.

When negligence is present, drug injuries often result in class action, a special type of lawsuit in which a group of plaintiffs take legal action against a specific company. Several defective drug class action lawsuits are currently underway in the United States, and if you have been the victim of a known dangerous drug, you may be entitled to join one of these actions.

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