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Defective Products

Hundreds of thousands of people are injured by defective or dangerous products every year, but very few know that the companies who make these products may be liable for any damages they cause. While it is certainly true that some products can cause harm by their very nature, many products when used as directed can still result in serious injury or death. The best way to learn if your injury gives you cause to file suit is by discussing your case with an experienced product liability lawyer.

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Types of Defective Products

Product liability lawsuits commonly involved defective or dangerous products such as:

  • Children’s clothing and toys
  • Medications and pharmaceuticals
  • Consumer electronics
  • Tools
  • Motor vehicles

It is important to remember that injury from a product does not necessarily make its manufacturer liable, but if a product meets the criteria of being dangerous or defective, you may have cause to file suit.

Establishing Defect

To determine if a product is defective, your product liability attorney will first need to establish that your injury could have been avoided had the manufacturer taken certain steps to protect consumer safety. This will include looking for things such as:

  • Design defects
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Inadequate labeling, warnings, or instruction
  • Improper or inadequate testing

Product liability lawsuits may revolve around things such as drug recalls or known vehicle defects, but can also be based on isolated events. To learn if you have cause to file suit, you will need to discuss your claim with a product liability lawyer.

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