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Title Insurance

  • 1. What does a closing attorney or settlement agent do?
    • The purchase or refinance of a house will require that you enter into a legally binding contract with the seller of the property. An experienced real estate attorney can help you understand how the contract affects your rights and what legal obligations it imposes on you. Our office, along with your real estate agent, will be responsible for keeping track of your transaction and bringing it to a smooth conclusion.
  • 2. What is title insurance and why do I need it?
  • 3. Am I required to purchase title insurance?
  • 4. How long does my coverage last?
  • 5. How are title insurance premiums calculated?


  • 1. What do I need to do to prepare for Closing?
  • 2. What should I know about buying and selling a house?
  • 3. How long before I can close?
  • 4. How long will my closing last?
  • 5. The seller already has a real estate attorney; Why do I need my own attorney?
  • 6. Do I need an agreement in writing in order to purchase property?

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