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How To Maintain Compliance While Outsourcing Title Work

We at Penner Law Firm and Cross Country Title have spent countless hours analyzing and structuring our operational platform, standards, and practices to suit our title partner’s needs.  We are fully vetted and verified by multiple third party compliance agencies.

What does this mean to you?  When you partner with the real estate attorneys at Penner Law Firm and Cross Country Title, you can rest assured that we will pass any and all standards or requirements that your mortgage lending partners place upon you. 

With CFPB enforcement becoming a reality, it is important that you:

  • Establish a clear set of standards and requirements for your third party and work-share partners.  Penner Law Firm has created a standardized agreement that outlines the responsibilities of each party.
  • Partner with agencies that will treat their clients with the same high level of communication and professionalism as would be expected of you.
  • Understand the fees that are being coordinated to both parties involved in the closing transaction.  By law, these fees must be clearly tied to specific responsibilities of each party.