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One of Penner Law Firm's biggest strengths is our ability to work with Lenders to ensure that borrowers are able to obtain their new mortgages in a timely manner.  We have performed thousands of successful real estate closings for our lending partners over the past several years.  By keeping in constant communication with both the Lender and the Borrower, we ensure that any potential hurdles are addressed in a timely matter so that the approval process is completed without delay.  Penner Law Firm values providing a seamless closing experience for the client while maintaining complete compliance with RESPA, CFPB and ALTA Best Practices above all else.  With the new CFPB Rules coming into effect in 2014 it will be more important than ever for Lenders and their vendors to be completely compliant.  Penner Law Firm is here to be your premier real estate closing solution.

Contact Penner Law Firm today to see how our experienced real estate attorneys can help expedite your approval process, and help you close more loans.