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Penner Law Firm’s Real Estate Practices

Penner Law Firm is a multistate law firm offering settlement and title services to banks and borrowers across Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, South Carolina, and Georgia and is constantly expanding its coverage area to better suit the needs of its clients. Through strategic title partnerships, Penner Law Firm is pleased to also offer its services in non-attorney states across the country. Penner Law Firm is honored to have served thousands of customers throughout the firm’s existence.

The firm prides itself on its cost-efficient and flexible settlement services offering mobile at-home closing services to all clients along with quality and affordably-priced legal services. Our affordable Connecticut Closing services ($695.00 Purchases/ $595.00 Refinances) are often able to help our borrowers save hundreds of dollars on their closing costs. Penner Law Firm is dedicated to implementing technological advancements in the field of settlement and title services and boasts of an entirely paperless system, online title quotation services, and one touch title ordering. With a commitment to accessing cutting edge technology in order to consistently improve and streamline its operations and integrations with its clients, Penner Law firm is always looking for new and exciting ways to improve its services to the lending industry.

Penner Law Firm prides itself on distinguishing itself from its competition in the following ways:

  • Customizable Process: We do not believe that “one size fits all” and thus allow our lenders to customize our settlement and title fulfillment process to suit the individual needs of their institution. We are dedicated to achieving our client’s objectives and are happy to help in any way possible.
  • Affordable Legal Fees: We understand that in this economy every penny counts when battling to gain the business of a new borrower. With low Connecticut Real Estate Attorney’s Fees, Penner Law Firm is often able to shave hundreds of dollars off of our borrower’s settlement charges.
  • Personable, Accommodating, and Committed Staff: We understand that business is not just conducted from 9-5 and thus have committed staff willing to go above-and-beyond to accomplish your closing objectives. We regularly offer after-hours closings and mobile closing services throughout the entire State of Connecticut.
  • Experience: All of our staff and attorneys are knowledgeable about even the most complex details of real estate transactions because our office has handled thousands of files and because real estate law is what Penner Law Firm has been dedicated to since its inception. Throughout the many years that we have been in business we have fine-tuned our process to increase our efficiency and thus the speed with which we can respond to our client’s needs. We are proud to be one of Connecticut’s largest residential real estate firms.