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Real Estate Professionals

Since we opened our doors in 2006, Penner Law Firm has strived to be the ultimate real estate law firm and to support our professional partners in every way possible.  Penner Law Firm attorneys and paralegals aim to be as flexible and responsive as possible to ensure that all of our individual clients' needs are completely addressed throughout the real estate closing transaction.   In order to make things as convenient and pain free as possible for our clients, we offer them the ability to close at the time and place of their choosing. 

Here at Penner Law Firm, we take our professional conduct very seriously and adhere to the American Land Title Association Best Practices framework in order to guarantee that all customer data is adequately protected and funds are handled properly. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with all real estate professionals to help enhance and better serve their client base. Our flexible operational structure allows us to cater to each segment of real estate professionals with complete individualized attention.


Penner Law Firm has handled thousands of refinance and purchase transactions, and works with some of the largest lenders in the area. In the face of the new CFPB Rules, lenders will face increased liability for the conduct of their third party service providers. Penner Law Firm has been thoroughly vetted by reputable institutions such as Secure Settlements Inc., and Stewart Title Guaranty Company, and has an internal compliance department that stays on the leading edge of all legislation that could affect the real estate industry. We are able to send all lenders our full vetting package, and are now able to offer our comprehensive CFPB Vendor Compliance Checklist, and free evaluation of your third party settlement service provider policies by our experienced compliance attorneys.

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We realize each real estate client is important, and want to help you close the deal with our seamless closing process, open communication, and affordable legal fees. Real estate purchases can often fall through because buyers get nervous or discover concerning information late in the transaction. Our experienced real estate attorneys will walk your client through the legal side of the transaction, and are even willing to negotiate on your client's behalf for any issues that arise during the purchase process. Your clients' most important moments deserve Connecticut's most trusted attorneys.

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Title Companies

Coverage is key. Coverage helps expand your potential client base, and coverage helps increase brand awareness. At Penner Law Firm, our groudbreaking work-share programs help title companies expand their coverage areas, and grant them the ability to explore new geographic markets in a profitable and compliant manner. Penner Law Firm is able to expand your current coverage area to include Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York through our wholly owned title company, Cross Country Title. Our business development coordinators will help you customize a work-share program that fits your company's operational structure, and allows for you to maximize your profits. 

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