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As part of Penner Law Firm's commitment to be the best real estate attorney in CT, we have taken the time to survey hundreds of our realtor partners to uncover the attributes of a Connecticut real estate attorney that are truly important to them. We then implemented the most important attributes into our practice to ensure that we are constantly exceeding the expectations of our customers and realtor professional partners.

You talked, and we listened. Here are the most important attributes as uncovered by our survey, and how our real estate law firm has adapted to meet these requirements: 

  1. Availability – We will be here for you when you need us. If your question cannot be answered by a paralegal, simply ask for an attorney or call one of our six attorneys right on their cell phone!
  2. We Keep You Informed -  What is worse than a client who doesn’t tell you everything? A real estate attorney who doesn’t tell you everything!  At Penner Law Firm, we know that helping your clients buy and sell their homes is your livelihood, and it is important to know how each of your transactions is progressing in the home-buying process. This is why we send a weekly emails to update each of our realtor partners on the status of their files.
  3. No More Duplicate Communication – As part of our commitment to constant availability and communication, we promise to keep you informed on all changes in the process. This helps avoid nightmare scenarios where you have a conversation with a client and then have we have to communicate conflicting information.  
  4. We Don’t Kill The Deal. We Help Close The Deal – Forget the attorney stereotypes. Save those for the other law firms. At Penner Law Firm, we use our legal knowledge and experience to educate your clients and help make them feel more comfortable during the process. We yearn for a seamless transaction just as much as you do, and we do everything in our power to make the transaction as seamless as possible for all parties.  
  5. Commission Checks at Closing - We know that realtors come to the closing to support their client until the very end of the process, but also to collect their hard earned commission. Not being able to tender the commission check due to lack of funds or errors on the HUD is extremely frustrating for everyone, so we coordinate between our office and the other attorney’s office to make sure we can release these checks at closing as often as possible. If there is an issue with the commission checks at closing, we will happily overnight or hand deliver them to you!
  6. Quick Preparation and Review Of Documents When Needed - Being able to review and prepare documents quickly and efficiently upon request helps keep deals together. We know that long waits can cause doubt to creep in and change opinions about anything. That is why we work diligently to ensure that your documents are prepared quickly and carefully.

We take your feedback and opinions seriously. We welcome suggestions and are alway slooking to form working relationships with our colleagues so that the real estate closing process is smooth for everyone involved.