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Protect Your Home With Title Insurance

Title insurance is an important investment to help protect your home. Everyone is in love with their house when they purchase it, but not everyone knows the exact history of their property. Title insurance can give you the peace of mind of knowing that your property is completely protected from any and all title issues that may arise in the future.

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Unlike many other law firms which handle one or two real estate closings a year, Penner Law Firm, LLC focuses its practice in real estate law, settlement services, and title insurance. Penner Law Firm, LLC also prides itself on the flexibility of its settlement services and willingness to modify its processes to meet the needs of out of state and multi-state agents.


Title Insurance Can Help Protect Your Home From The Following:

•Another person claims an ownership interest in your property.
•Problems related to documents improperly signed or incorrectly recorded.
•Another person claims rights in your property due to fraud, forgery, or duress.
•A creditor of a previous owner attempts to enforce a lien or judgement against your property.
•Inability to sell your property due to a title problem caused by your previous owner.
•Lack of legal right of access to your property.
•You are forced to remove or remedy your existing structures, other than boundary walls or fences, because they were built without obtaining a proper building permit.*
•You are unable to sell, lease, or mortgage your property because your neighbor’s structures encroach onto your land
•Your existing improvements are damaged due to the exercise of a right to use the surface for the extraction or development of minerals or water
•And much more.

Obtaining title insurance and closing a real estate loan should be simple.

Let us handle the details. There are multiple steps that must be executed in careful detail and proper sequence for a real estate closing to be completed smoothly and efficiently. When you work with Penner Law Firm, you won’t have to worry about it.

We know what needs to be done, and we know how to get it done, efficiently and responsibly. We’ll tell you upfront what it’s going to cost, and we guarantee our fees. No surprises at the closing table.

Insure the title on your home today to secure your peace of mind. Contact Penner Law Firm today for a free title insurance quote for your home, and save hundreds of dollars compared to other firms! Call toll free (888) 256-7316 or fill our our quote form on the right!

Penner Law Firm provides title insurance solutions to the following states: