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What Is Title Insurance?

Title Insurance is a type of insurance that protects ones ownership in their home.   For most of us purchasing a home will be the single most important investment we ever make and therefore it is imperative that this major asset is protected as much as possible.  Title on a property, which can be thought of as the property's history, can sometimes be messy and there may be hidden hazards that could jeopardize your ownership.  If a previous owner or lien holder were able to successfully prove to a court that you do not hold clear title on your property, you could lose it without any financial compensation.  Unlike most forms of insurance, title insurance only requires a one-time fee - not recurring payments. This one fee ensures that the title insurance company will indemnify you against any lawsuits or claims that challenge your purchase and possession of the property.  Furthermore this insurance policy will remain in effect as long as you (or your heirs) own the property.  So you can rest at ease knowing that your home, and all the money it represents, are protected.  

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